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Medieval Winds

The Sound of Early European Wind Bands

Dani Pelagatti & Silke Gwendolyn Schulze, shawm, bombard
Christian Braun, slide trumpet, trombone
Pere Olivé, Percussion

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For the program Medieval Winds: The Sound of Early European Wind Bands ensemble quidni plays in the formation of a medieval wind band, the so called Alta Cappella. A trio of loud wind instruments - shawm, bombard and trumpet - are joined by different percussion instruments. Together they provide the typical strong, noble and splendid sound which was highly estimated in the earlier centuries and appreciated in many festive and representative occasions. Ensemble quidni explores the possible medieval repertoire of the Alta Capella over two centuries and three different countries, always focussing on the rich and powerful sounds, with the mission to bring them to the here and now - like a blast from the past.

Music by Guillaume Dufay, Guillaume de Machaut, Francesco Landini, Johannes Ciconia, from Codex Rossi, Manuscript London 29987 etc.

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